About Us

What did I learn from this experience?

  • It’s not easy
  • It takes a lot of work and dedication
  • It becomes addicting watching your store go from a blank canvas into a ready to go live store.
  • Shopify has a ton of resources that really makes the experience worth it. (Thank you, Tucker) 
  • You can let your imagination run wild

What started as a simple job application became something so much more. I became so fascinated with actually building a store from the ground up and really learning about the experience of everyday people who start to build a store during their 14-day free trial.

Based on the time I have spent on building this shop and really diving deep into the tutorials Shopify provides (Tucker’s blogs especially) really gives you the inside knowledge it takes and resources that are out there to help start your own business.

Being a guru, I would get to be part of the bigger picture (helping people succeed) and be in love with what they do every day. I want to help everyday people from around the world build their stores and move away from a job they are just doing and do something they love.

I have a lot of customer service experience in large retail environments and also in the start-up peer to peer networks. You might ask why I continue to do it? (we all know it can be a tough job and a thankless one) It is the relationships you build with the people you are helping that makes me want to do it every day; the satisfaction of turning what started as a escalated encounter and finished with a huge thank you and a smile on their face.

One of my favorite quotes is “catch a fish for someone and they will eat for day; teach someone to fish and they will eat for a lifetime” being a guru with Shopify would really bring that quote to life, instead of just fixing the problem, we can teach them how to do it, so the next time a similar issue happens they will know who to solve it based on your previous interaction.

I think being a Guru with Shopify would be an awesome experience, a position in which I can use my experience and really elevate myself, learn and grow personally and career wise.